Jeep XJ Overhaul Part 2: New Shocks

With the brake system completely finished and functioning well, it was time to focus on upgrading the XJ suspension.  When I inherited the vehicle from my father-in-law it was clear to me that the aftermarket shocks that he had put on years ago were absolutely toast.  While doing the brake work I had a chance to take off the shocks and take a closer look.  … Continue reading Jeep XJ Overhaul Part 2: New Shocks

Jeep XJ Overhaul Part 1: Brake System

With no major vacation plans this year I knew we wouldn’t be traveling very far this summer and I also knew that the Jeep wasn’t going to be hitting any trails a long distance away either. The timing of this really couldn’t have worked out any better as the old XJ needed some serious TLC. So, this would be the summer of repairs. First up, … Continue reading Jeep XJ Overhaul Part 1: Brake System

My Pretty…Ugly Drum Smoker

My posts here on 618 Garage have been a bit scattered mostly because of my latest BBQ project – an Ugly Drum Smoker build.  Ugly drum smokers, otherwise known as a UDS, have long been touted as a poor man’s Green Egg smoker.  Seasoned barbecue veterans across the nation lean on these smokers as their competition vessel of choice, swearing by their unique ability to … Continue reading My Pretty…Ugly Drum Smoker