My Pretty…Ugly Drum Smoker

My posts here on 618 Garage have been a bit scattered mostly because of my latest BBQ project – an Ugly Drum Smoker build.  Ugly drum smokers, otherwise known as a UDS, have long been touted as a poor man’s Green Egg smoker.  Seasoned barbecue veterans across the nation lean on these smokers as their competition vessel of choice, swearing by their unique ability to … Continue reading My Pretty…Ugly Drum Smoker

Booty Call: A Tale of Two Butts – Matt’s Cook

While Mark prepped his Green Mountain for his pork shoulder smoking experience, I was doing the same on the south side of town.  My method of cook would be my trusty Masterbuilt electric smoker.  As Mark mentioned in his post, we got the meat from the same butcher on the same day.  We were even able to get pretty similar size cuts (about 5 lbs. … Continue reading Booty Call: A Tale of Two Butts – Matt’s Cook

Beef Jerky Part 1

Beef jerky.  Is there really a better snack?  Portable, long-lasting, low-fat, high-protein, and oh yeah, delicious!!  I, like most of America, have been known to make that impulse purchase of bagged jerky at the gas station or grocery store, forking over upwards of $8 for a measly few ounces of smoked beef goodness.  Then it dawned on me… I could do this myself, at home, … Continue reading Beef Jerky Part 1