Cleaning Fogged S2000 Headlight

Something that has bothered me about the s2000 is that the driver side headlight is foggy/clowdy. The passenger headlight was replaced a few years ago, and looks new. So its pretty noticeable. Today I decided to attack the headlight restoration with some 4″ detail pads and various compounds and polishes. Unfortunately Adams sent me the wrong backing plate; the one for a drill rather than … Continue reading Cleaning Fogged S2000 Headlight

Chicago SCCA HPDE 5/11/2019

After months and months and months of anticipation, my first HPDE of the year finally arrived. Unfortunately for us, the weather wound up taking a turn for the worst, with temps ranging the lower 40s and rain throughout the entire afternoon. After I was unable to shakedown the new setup ahead of time at an autocross due to snow (yes, snow. In april…) this HPDE … Continue reading Chicago SCCA HPDE 5/11/2019