S2000 OEM Headrest Speaker Retrofit

One of the areas of the s2000 (especially the early-model AP1’s) that is lacking is definitely the audio system. The early-model AP1’s are obly fitted with a couple of speakers in the doors. That is it. So at highway speeds you can hardly hear the music playing. Granted, this is a performance car, so the stereo is down the list of priorities behind the amazing … Continue reading S2000 OEM Headrest Speaker Retrofit

My Pretty…Ugly Drum Smoker

My posts here on 618 Garage have been a bit scattered mostly because of my latest BBQ project – an Ugly Drum Smoker build.  Ugly drum smokers, otherwise known as a UDS, have long been touted as a poor man’s Green Egg smoker.  Seasoned barbecue veterans across the nation lean on these smokers as their competition vessel of choice, swearing by their unique ability to … Continue reading My Pretty…Ugly Drum Smoker

6.17.18 STL Ribs

Rub: KC Jones Rub, subbed ground red pepper for cayenne Wood: 2/3 Cherry, 1/3 Char Hickory (Lumberjack Brand) Brine Time: 1 hour Method: 3-2-1, butcher paper wrap Temp: 225°F Cook Time: 5 hours, 47 minutes Wrap details: butcher paper, honey-only, face down Remarks: Best yet. Killer bark, great flavor. The cherry was mild but present. Not too greasy, very good texture. Would like to replicate … Continue reading 6.17.18 STL Ribs

GMG Chipotle Chicken Bacon Sandwich

Just a quick post, in between sales calls. Whipped these up a couple of days ago for dinner. Mango Chipotle seasoned chicken breast cutlets, bacon, smoked cheddar, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, avocado. On a pretzel roll. 375°F with the heat shield open for more direct heat. Pulled the bacon off after about 20 minutes, the chicken was done in about 30. Topped with the bacon … Continue reading GMG Chipotle Chicken Bacon Sandwich

Booty Call: A Tale of Two Butts – Matt’s Cook

While Mark prepped his Green Mountain for his pork shoulder smoking experience, I was doing the same on the south side of town.  My method of cook would be my trusty Masterbuilt electric smoker.  As Mark mentioned in his post, we got the meat from the same butcher on the same day.  We were even able to get pretty similar size cuts (about 5 lbs. … Continue reading Booty Call: A Tale of Two Butts – Matt’s Cook