6.17.18 STL Ribs

Rub: KC Jones Rub, subbed ground red pepper for cayenne Wood: 2/3 Cherry, 1/3 Char Hickory (Lumberjack Brand) Brine Time: 1 hour Method: 3-2-1, butcher paper wrap Temp: 225°F Cook Time: 5 hours, 47 minutes Wrap details: butcher paper, honey-only, face down Remarks: Best yet. Killer bark, great flavor. The cherry was mild but present. Not too greasy, very good texture. Would like to replicate … Continue reading 6.17.18 STL Ribs

GMG Chipotle Chicken Bacon Sandwich

Just a quick post, in between sales calls. Whipped these up a couple of days ago for dinner. Mango Chipotle seasoned chicken breast cutlets, bacon, smoked cheddar, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, avocado. On a pretzel roll. 375°F with the heat shield open for more direct heat. Pulled the bacon off after about 20 minutes, the chicken was done in about 30. Topped with the bacon … Continue reading GMG Chipotle Chicken Bacon Sandwich

Booty Call: A Tale of Two Butts – Matt’s Cook

While Mark prepped his Green Mountain for his pork shoulder smoking experience, I was doing the same on the south side of town.  My method of cook would be my trusty Masterbuilt electric smoker.  As Mark mentioned in his post, we got the meat from the same butcher on the same day.  We were even able to get pretty similar size cuts (about 5 lbs. … Continue reading Booty Call: A Tale of Two Butts – Matt’s Cook

Memorial Day Ribs

This post isn’t much of a how-to, but rather a post to document my latest baby back ribs cook. May 28, 2018 Meat: Meaty baby back pork loins Rub: Smokey Rub-inson enriched with a extra granulated garlic, dark brown sugar, and kosher salt Brine Time: 10 hours Cook Time: 6 hours Final Internal Temp: 195-200°F Temperature: 225°F Smoker: GMG Jim Bowie Wood: Pit Boss Competition … Continue reading Memorial Day Ribs

Grilling on the GMG: Italian Sausage

People often ask if a pellet smoker can replace their everyday propane grill. I also wondered this when I was making my decision to purchase one, and after some research I determined “why the hell not!?”. Now, the convenience of being able to flip a switch and within a minute or two having 500°F temps is pretty awesome. That is something that a propane grill … Continue reading Grilling on the GMG: Italian Sausage