S2000 Billman TCT Replacement

Knocked out another bit of preventative maintenance. I swapped out the old chattery Timing Chain Tensioner for the Billman Gen-X. The OEM TCT is notorious for going bad, and hard driving can accelerate that. With the upcoming track season, I didnt feel it was worth risking the TCT going out and leading to catastrophic failure. The Billman unit has a lifetime warranty, and lifetime technical … Continue reading S2000 Billman TCT Replacement

Unboxing: Ballade Sports S2000 Big Rotor Kit

My big rotor kit arrived today, it only took about a week to get here after it was shipped. However. the people at Fedex werent terribly fond of me, being that it was shipped in one 70lb box. The shipping labels got put on the bottom of the carton so the rotors were resting on top of the hardware. I was a bit worried when … Continue reading Unboxing: Ballade Sports S2000 Big Rotor Kit

Ballade Sports Big Rotor Installation

When it comes to improving braking performance, pad compound and increasing the size of the rotors have the greatest impact. Last season, I added a set of Project Mu HC+800 pads, stainless steel lines, and Castrol SRF brake fluid. At the Autobahn trackday in June, everything felt great. But in order to make sure I have the stopping power to go with the additional speed … Continue reading Ballade Sports Big Rotor Installation